Swiss1Chirurgie and bariatric surgery specialist Prof. Dr. Jörg Zehetner invited the public to attend the lecture “The truth about morbid obesity”. Not only people affected by obesity but also relatives and interested people who want to know what morbid obesity is really about and what treatment options are available are invited to attend.

Dr. Jörg Zehetner was able to make an essential statement right at the beginning of his interesting lecture: Obesity is a widespread disease that can have many causes. In addition to changes in diet and exercise habits, there are also pathological processes in the body that favour significant overweight and cannot always be combated with diets and changes in lifestyle habits alone.

Obesity as a widespread disease

The fact that obesity is no longer an isolated phenomenon became clear when concrete figures and predicted developments regarding obesity were used as arguments. Less exercise in everyday working life, stress and above all an overabundance of food are the obvious causes of obesity. And the development in the USA shows where the path could also lead in Europe if no clear and timely countermeasures are taken. However, these facts and insights are of little use, especially to those currently and acutely affected. For these people it is important to get real help beyond good advice and helpless stigmatisation. And such help is found in many cases in surgical interventions that clearly break the spiral of overweight suffering.

The image of the fat, lazy overweight person must be corrected

Especially when it comes to morbid obesity, those with a BMI over 30 feel exposed to widespread prejudice and downright mantras. Eat less, move more, do without a lot and strengthen your self-confidence. These are all suggestions that overweight sufferers get plenty of. The actual development and especially the psyche of those affected are neither changed nor strengthened by this. What remains is endless suffering full of diets, setbacks and ultimately giving up.

This can be changed if a real impact on nutrition, weight development and self-esteem is offered with appropriate medical services. Appropriate obesity surgery is in many cases of morbid obesity the best and only means to actually stop the downward spiral. It is clear that it is not only the surgical intervention itself that provides help. Changes in lifestyle habits and strengthening the psyche of those affected are also part of the process.

Swiss1Chirurgie can help with morbid obesity

With several locations in Switzerland, Swiss1Chirurgie is one of the largest private practices in Switzerland, which has also addressed the issue of obesity surgery, among other things. The internationally highly recognised specialist in obesity surgery, Dr Jörg Zehetner, has placed the problem of morbid obesity at the centre of his work and offers actual help for morbid obesity in the Swiss1Chirurgie clinics and the Centre for Bariatric Surgery (ZFBC). The start of a successful treatment is always the patient’s understanding that something has to be done. This is followed by detailed information and advice about the medical options. If the conditions are right, surgery is often the best option. However, this process will only be successful and individually satisfying if the important follow-up care and help in changing lifestyle habits is also offered afterwards. And in this area, too, Swiss1Chirurgie shows itself to be a professional partner at the side of patients.

App facilitates information and accompaniment

For overweight people, going to the doctor is not easy. After all, many have already gone through a real odyssey and the fear of repeated failures is growing. It is precisely at this point that comprehensive and thorough information is the first way to learn about new options for treating morbid obesity and then take the right further steps. The actual situation is such that many of those affected no longer want to go straight to the doctor and like to inform themselves in advance on the internet. Not all offers are serious, let alone medically useful. Dr Jörg Zehetner knows this too and has set up a special offer for interested parties and patients with a special Swiss1Chirurgie app.

The app makes it possible to obtain comprehensive information on the various topics and, if interested and required, also to contact the attending physician directly. The convenient app accompanies patients before, during and after surgical treatment and not only provides important information and advice on general processes. Individual counselling is always possible, which is precisely geared to the conditions of the individual patient. The Swiss1Chirurgie app thus becomes part of the professional treatment of morbid obesity and makes it easier for patients to take the right steps.

You can simply download the app via . Then, among other things, you will also have the opportunity to watch the lecture “The truth about morbid obesity” in a summary or in full length.