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With locations in Bern, Valais and Solothurn, Swiss1Chirurgie is one of the largest private clinics in Switzerland, treating around 3,500 patients a year.

Focus on abdominal surgery

Our focus is on abdominal surgery – also called visceral surgery.

Comprehensive care and aftercare

Our personalised services for the bariatric patient are comprehensive with the integral assessment and follow-up of the ZFBC to meet the special circumstances of these patients. Pathological obesity is treatable, but lifelong follow-up care is important. Bariatric surgery is the only way to control metabolic syndrome in the long term, not by curing it, but by improving metabolic functions.


We are connected with ...

… and thus we can always offer you the best advice, care and treatment in our medical specialties according to your individual problem situation.


Your specialists for surgery – especially abdominal surgery. Our team consists exclusively of proven and highly trained specialists. In addition to the services of our medical specialists, you will enjoy the full attention of our medical practice assistants and specialists.


MD Jörg Zehetner

Professor (USC) MMM, FACS, FEBS (hon.)

German, English, French, Spanish


MD Anita Scheiwiller

Specialist in Surgery FMH & Visceral Surgery

German, English, French, Spanish


MD Eva Moser Schaub

Specialist in Surgery FMH

German, French, English, Italian

What our patients say

Nursing & MPA staff excellent!
Thank you very much for the good empathy and loving treatment.
Gastroscopy for the 1st time. I was wonderfully cared for, did not feel left alone and was very well looked after. Appreciated being informed in advance about every step and especially seeing and talking to the doctor just before the anesthesia. Thank you!
First colonoscopy. Felt very well taken care of and looked after. Very nice staff and doctor. I can recommend!
Everything to the fullest satisfaction! Thank you very much!
Super friendly team! I felt really comfortable with you, keep up the friendliness!!


Film reports & lectures on acid reflux, esophageal cancer, aftercare and other medical topics.


Obesity and sport

Obesity and sport 2 patients talk about their operation and their experiences Pathological overweight? Obesity? Is sport still possible here? What is it like after obesity surgery? Ariane and Tanja tell us about their journey from being overweight to surgery, the advantages and disadvantages, the importance of aftercare, and what they do now in terms of sport.
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Cooperation with Dr. Ulf Kessler in Lausanne

Visceral surgeon Dr. Ulf Kessler has been at Hirslanden Clinique Cecil as an attending physician for more than a year, and has his practice at CMD Lausanne. With his extensive
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Thun is another Swiss1Surgery site

The need for professional services in obesity surgery is increasing. Also in Thun and the surrounding area. And so it was only a logical step that the clinic of Dr. Naef in Thun now became part of the network of specialized facilities of Swiss1Chirurgie. You can learn more about this in the article.
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World Obesity Day 2022 – All must act

"Everybody needs to act" - This is the motto of World Obesity Day on 04 March 2022. Find out how Swiss1Chirurgie sees the effort against the worldwide affliction of obesity and what is expected from all of us in the Swiss1Chirurgie statement.
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Hernia surgery at Bern Visceral Surgery Steffen AG

Treat unpleasant tissue breakdowns professionally The medical term for a hernia is colloquially known as a hernia. This does not mean broken bones, but rather weaknesses in an organic structure
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Heartburn and belching – Can medication and diets alone help with reflux?

How to manage chronic reflux disease Everyone is familiar with occasional acid regurgitation or heartburn. As unpleasant as such a physical reaction may be, it is quickly over and forgotten.
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