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Liver surgery and bile duct surgery

Liver surgery was the actual focus of Dr Ruedi Steffen’s training in the Berlin years, with well over 100 liver transplants (no longer in the spectrum) and even more partial liver resections.

Liver surgery

  • In the field of liver surgery currently about 20-30 operations per year
  • Segmental resections with laparoscopic access
  • Routine use of minimally invasive technique, if appropriate

Bile duct surgery

For this, the normal gall bladder removal is part of the daily routine. This is almost invariably performed laparoscopically (keyhole surgery). The inpatient stay is usually 1-2 nights.

Options in liver surgery

Affected patients should make sure that the decision as to whether a liver tumour can or should be operated on is assessed by a surgeon experienced in liver surgery!

“A liver surgeon does not decide what can be removed from the liver, but rather what can or must be preserved.”

PD Dr. Ruedi Steffen

If you or a relative are affected and unsure, they can send us the findings or the CD with the pictures, along with any medical records they may have, for assessment.


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