Under the motto “Everybody needs to act”, World Obesity Day on 04 March 2022 will mark the start of a new year in the fight against the global spread of obesity as one of the most threatening diseases of all. In the meantime, more people worldwide suffer from obesity than from hunger. There is more personal and societal suffering and damage associated with the widespread disease of obesity than is assumed. To learn more about World Obesity Day on March 04, 2022, and what we can all do, read Swiss1Chirurgie’s in-depth article.

March 04 is World Obesity Day– Let’s all get active!

The tireless campaign against obesity is a global, but also a personal task

Yes, with “tireless effort” we have probably made a somewhat unusual choice of words, but with all good reasons. Obesity is an exorbitantly increasing disease of civilization everywhere in the world. In the meantime, more people worldwide are affected by overweight and obesity than, on the other hand, people suffer from hunger. And that with all the consequences for individual health, for societies and for the development of humanity in general.

Understanding obesity as the affliction of our time

For World Obesity Day on March 4, 2022, we want to specifically and deliberately draw attention to the global disease of obesity. The effects that obesity has on personal life and virtually all areas of life and society are now fatal, but are communicated publicly far too rarely and with far too little energy.

Obesity literally makes life difficult, imposes extensive restrictions on personal life, inflicts economic damage, and burdens both health care systems and very personal lives. In particular, the frequency and intensity of concomitant and secondary diseases associated with overweight and obesity are becoming increasingly apparent. From cardiovascular disease to psychological problems to premature death, there is a breadth of manifestations inextricably linked to obesity.

Only then, when we understand obesity as the suffering of our time, will we also be able to understand the worldwide fight against obesity as a task for humanity. Well-intentioned advice, declarations of intent and the often reluctant renunciation of too much are not enough. It’s time to take action.

All must act

“Jeder muss handeln” – Das ist das Motto des World Obesity Day 2022. Everyone must act, however, also means that everyone must finally take action now. It is not only people suffering from obesity who are addressed. Also addressed are those who are indirectly or directly involved in the further spread of the widespread disease of obesity. Here we address the food industry, retailers, advertisers and consumers as well as politicians, interest groups and society as a whole.

Only when we understand that obesity is a key health and societal problem will we be able to achieve appropriate diversity of action and activity. The time for explanations and goodwill is over. If obesity is not ultimately to become the scourge of humanity, we must all take action now, and all together.

What to do

In a whole series of articles, Swiss1Chirurgie and the Center for Bariatric Surgery, together with its partners, have so far devoted themselves to the topic of obesity, the risks and the treatment options. In doing so, we have always focused on prevention. What we do know is that words alone are not enough.

Now, finally, it comes down to everyone’s actions. Those affected, doctors, scientists, food producers, politicians, families, friends and the whole of society are called upon if the fight against obesity with all its consequences is to succeed.

This requires above all real activity, not only good words and not only on March 04. But let’s all make March 04, 2022 the start of a global movement against obesity. All of you, mark this day down as the start day to a better and healthier life.

Let us support those affected by listening carefully to them, perceiving and understanding them in their problem situation. Let’s stop stigmatizing fat people and portraying them as lazy and to blame. Let’s start by providing these people in particular with active and useful aids for everyday life. In case of emergency, this also includes medical and psychological accompaniment, but above all a lift to an active and healthier life.

Living better doesn’t have to mean simply doing without. With numerous opportunities and activities, individuals, associations, companies and friends can help to create new perspectives for the overweight people. In doing so, we are not only showing that we understand obesity as a disease, but that we are all willing to join forces in the fight against obesity.

We as Swiss1Chirurgie together with the Center for Bariatric Surgery see ourselves as partners of the overweight and at the same time as supporters of all those who support us in the fight against global obesity. To this end, we inform and act not only in our clinics, but also in a series of lectures, in our publications and, above all, in our direct work with people.

World Obesity Day on March 04, 2022 can be the start of a new understanding of obesity and action against it. But only if we actually all act. Because every life is a life worth living.