Swiss1Chirurgie informs – The LINX System

Constant acid regurgitation is not only annoying, but can also cause serious secondary diseases. What is summarised in technical language as reflux is an extremely unpleasant restriction of the quality of life for those affected.

The LINX system has been available for years for reflux therapy and has led to extremely positive results. You can find out what LINX is, what LINX can do and how it works in the detailed article, in the video or on the Swiss1Chirurgie website.

Learn more about the reflux therapy procedure

There are probably around 20 percent of the population who regularly or chronically complain of reflux of stomach acid into the oesophagus. However, acid regurgitation is not only extremely unpleasant, but can also cause serious health problems, including oesophageal cancer.

With LINX, a system is available that can effectively prevent the backflow of gastric juice into the oesophagus. This system is used as part of a minimally invasive surgical operation. After placement of the LINX system, the symptoms subside and patients can return to a normal life in most cases.

What is LINX?

In principle, the LINX system is a magnetic ring chain. At first glance, the system can be compared to an elastic pearl necklace, whereby here the pearls are on magnets that are titanium-coated and thus completely harmless to the organism. Due to the attractive forces acting on the magnetic beads, they are repeatedly attracted to each other in the absence of counterpressure, which leads to a narrowing of the chain. When mechanical tension is applied to the system, the chain expands and widens the passage.

What can LINX do?

The LINX system is placed around the lower end of the oesophagus in a minor surgical procedure. The attraction of the titanium-coated magnetic beads creates a reliable closure of the oesophageal outlet without compressing the oesophagus. Only when, for example, a certain internal pressure is exerted on the oesophagus by the intake of food, does the magnetic ring open so that the food pulp or even liquids can enter the stomach unhindered. In this way, the normal function of the oesophagus is efficiently supported and the reflux of gastric juice into the oesophagus can be prevented. The bottom line is that LINX is strong enough to close the oesophageal junction into the stomach, but weak enough to allow air to escape from the stomach or vomiting to occur.

Practical experience

The LINX system has been known and proven for years. In the Swiss1Chirurgie clinics, this system is preferably used for reflux therapy whenever possible. The experience is extremely good, which includes that there are hardly any complications with the system during and after the surgical procedure. Since 2015, Prof. Dr. Jörg Zehetner has already treated over 250 patients with the LINX system. For most people with reflux symptoms, this system is the first choice, provided there is otherwise normal oesophageal function.

In order to assess this condition, a preliminary assessment of oesophageal function and reflux symptoms is essential. This preliminary examination includes a gastroscopy and a functional test of the oesophagus. Ideally, these examinations are supplemented by manometry, which means measuring the pressure in the oesophagus.

Would you like more information? Do you yourself have complaints due to acid reflux? Then watch the video with Prof. Dr. Jörg Zehetner, visit the Swiss1Chirurgie website or make an appointment at one of the Swiss1Chirurgie clinics in Bern, Brig or Solothurn.