The new member of the Swiss1Chirurgie team

Always on the lookout for the best surgeons and specialists in the Swiss1Chirurgie service areas, we have found one again. From 01 July 2021, our surgical team will be supported by Anita Scheiwiller, MD. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new expert in visceral surgery.

Anita Scheiwiller was born in Zurich in 1971, from where she moved with her family to Bern after only a short time. The mother, two sisters and the father, who was the director of a school, naturally went along.

Anita Scheiwiller finished school by starting a commercial apprenticeship, which she successfully completed. But it soon became clear that an office job would probably not be the right thing for the versatile young woman. During a trip through South America, the decision matured to go back to school and take the Matura. After three years, that was also successfully done and Anita Scheiwiller had long since made the decision to become a doctor.

At the University in Bern, this developmental step was also successfully completed, although it was only towards the end of her studies that it became clear that Anita Scheiwiller would choose the field of surgery. An internship in cardiovascular surgery at the Inselspital Bern turned a decision into something like love at first sight. From then on, it was clear that the newly trained medical doctor would dedicate herself to the field of surgery. What began as “love at first sight” has remained a deep passion to this day.

After her first residency at the regional hospital in Langenthal, she returned to Bern two years later, this time to the Tiefenau City Hospital. During her work there, Anita Scheiwiller became more and more intensively involved in abdominal surgery, thus setting a clear signal for specialisation.

At the University Hospital Zurich, the now quite accomplished surgeon was able to complete her training as a specialist in the Clinic for Visceral Surgery in 2008 and obtain the FMH title for surgery. In the same year she took up her first position as senior physician at the Bürgerspital Solothurn. After only a short time, Anita Scheiwiller followed an offer from Eastern Switzerland and was then engaged for several years in Frauenfeld and Zurich respectively. With the acquisition of extensive surgical experience, the specialist title for visceral surgery and the European specialist title for colorectal surgery and proctology followed.

After 20 years of working in public hospitals, Anita Scheiwiller is now returning to her roots. As an affiliated doctor, she will be a member of the Swiss1Chirurgie team of experts and will be a valuable asset with her work in the Solothurn, Brig and Bern clinics. Her interests in colon and rectal surgery, obesity surgery and thyroid surgery fit perfectly with the profile of Swiss1Chirurgie.

In addition to the new professional challenges, Anita Scheiwiller, MD, is also pleased to be joining the Swiss1Chirurgie team of experts for very personal reasons. For her, returning to Bern and her work in the Swiss1Chirurgie clinics in Bern, Brig and Solothurn is also a return to her home country, where a wonderful natural environment with the mountains and unique natural landscapes offers plenty of space for relaxation, recreation and activity.

Dr. Jörg Zehetner on Anita Scheiwiller

It is a particular pleasure for me to welcome Anita Scheiwiller, MD, to our Swiss1Chirurgie team as of 01 July 2021. With her, we are gaining an expert for a large part of our service areas who has proven herself as a surgeon over many years. For Swiss1Chirurgie, the addition of an experienced surgeon not only means a further expansion of our efficiency in the interests of our patients.

As the first woman in our team of surgeons, Anita Scheiwiller is a real enrichment for our team, both personally and professionally. Our patients in particular will be pleased to be able to turn to an empathetic and extremely qualified specialist colleague with their sometimes very shameful problems.

Moreover, I am sure that we can all benefit from the experience of an outstanding surgeon and thus do an even better job for the benefit of our patients.

Welcome to the team, Dr. med. Anita Scheiwiller!