We combine these wishes with a clear request: to rethink our own health and lifestyle. Instead of good resolutions, which usually only survive New Year’s Day, you should perhaps start with concrete steps. How about a visit to the family doctor or specialist? A simple thing with only a few restrictions but great effects. Read the New Year’s greetings from Swiss1Chirurgie here.

A healthy new year often begins with rethinking

First and foremost, we would like to thank all our patients, partners, referring doctors and our many interested parties for their interest in our work. We combine this thanks with best wishes for a peaceful, happy and above all healthy year 2022.

A new year often begins with new good intentions. Quitting smoking, exercising more and losing weight are just a few of the good intentions that many people make. However, we also know from experience that such good resolutions often have a half-life of only a few hours to a few days. Far too quickly we fall back into old habits. It’ll be fine.

It is rewarding to perhaps start the new year with a rethink on many health issues. This can then also be the first best step towards a healthier life. From a medical perspective, at Swiss1Chirurgie we deal with conditions such as obesity, reflux, oesophageal cancer, bariatric surgery, hernias and non-alcoholic fatty liver.

In most cases, we already see in the anamnesis that many clinical pictures and symptoms are very closely related to the lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves. Accordingly, it is also up to each person to tackle certain possible changes in life. More exercise in everyday life and sport in leisure time, healthier eating and drinking, abstaining from nicotine and alcohol are always the first good steps towards a healthier and often longer life.

Many diseases we only notice when it is apparently already too late. This also includes liver diseases, which in many cases are due to an unhealthy diet that is too fatty and too sugary. We do not feel the effects on the liver itself at first. But the interactions on many other organs. Liver health is one of the most important issues in internal medicine. So what’s stopping us from taking more care of our health in the new year? The beginning can be liver fasting, which we have already presented, for example, in the series of lectures Helvetius.events at the specialist conferences of Helvetius Holding AG in 2021. Here you can re-live the lecture.

By rethinking health and taking the first concrete steps, everyone is making a simple but very effective contribution to making 2022 a healthier year. The beneficiaries are not only yourself, but also your family, friends and colleagues.

With this in mind, we wish you all a good year 2022, which should in the best case start with a rethink about your own health.