With the opening of the Swiss1Chirurgie clinic in Solothurn on 28 November 2019, the medical offering for the entire spectrum of abdominal surgery, but especially obesity surgery and reflux treatment in Switzerland has now taken another step towards improved patient care.

After the existing clinics in Brig and Bern, the Swiss1Chirurgie clinic in Solothurn is now the third location of the specialised medical practitioners. At the doctors’ aperitif on the occasion of the new opening of the Solothurn location, the head of Swiss1Chirurgie, Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Zehetner, emphasised that “in view of the increase in obesity problems and reflux disease, the needs of patients can thus be incorporated into medical practice much better than before”.

Swiss1Chirurgie Solothurn emerged from the visceral surgery clinic of Alejandro Metzger, MD. The expanded clinic in Solothurn and the additional location in Brig cover a large demand of an area that could not previously be served medically in this way.

The main focus of Swiss1Chirurgie at the Bern, Brig and Solothurn sites is on abdominal surgery as a whole, but especially on obesity surgery and the treatment of reflux diseases. While obesity surgery, after thorough individual diagnoses and consultations, often focuses on modern minimally invasive stomach operations in the sense of stomach reductions (tube stomach) or gastric bypass and the subsequent aftercare, reflux surgery deals primarily with the complaints associated with chronic heartburn, acid regurgitation and the subsequent impairment of quality of life. With the LINX Reflux Management System, Dr. Jörg Zehetner is one of the leading Swiss doctors in this field and also enjoys the highest recognition abroad, even in the USA and Saudi Arabia. Dr Alejandro Metzger is a proven specialist in visceral surgery and bariatric surgery.

The Swiss1Chirurgie team includes PD Dr. med. Rudolf Steffen, who as a specialist in visceral surgery covers the entire treatment spectrum of abdominal surgery at the Bern site.

At the opening of the Swiss1Chirurgie clinic in Solothurn, medical specialists and also practising general practitioners met at the doctors’ aperitif to find out in detail about the treatment methods and surgical techniques used by the specialists from Swiss1Chirurgie and the ZfbC (Centre for Bariatric Surgery in Bern). The lively exchange and the great interest show that with Swiss1Chirurgie a network of specialist medical services has been created that meets the needs of existing and potential patients. And it also offers general practitioners in the region a new point of contact, especially for patients with morbid obesity and reflux diseases.

For more information on Swiss1Chirurgie, the centre for bariatric surgery and the specialist doctors and treatment fields involved, please visit www.swiss1chirurgie.ch.