New on 1.1.2022 – Bahnhofstrasse 20/22, 3904 Naters

Improved surgical care in Valais will be available from 1.1.2022 with the new location of Swiss1Chirurgie in Valais in Naters. With its specialised services, Swiss1Chirurgie is thus expanding its range of services.. Good news for patients as well as for referring physicians. The new location in Naters concentrates primarily on preventive care, diagnostics and aftercare, while surgical procedures are performed in Bern. Read more about the new Swiss1Chirurgie location in Naters here.

Swiss1Chirurgie also treats patients in Valais

On 1.1.2022, Swiss1Chirurgie will open a new clinic at a new address in the Valais, namely in Naters. In addition to the locations in Solothurn and Bern, this will also strengthen patient care in the canton of Valais.

For many years now, Swiss1Chirurgie has established itself in Switzerland as a medical centre with a wide range of specialised services and inspires referring physicians and patients with its extremely professional team and range of services. In order to be able to further expand this offer in the Valais, it has now been agreed to locate the centre in Naters. The main focus here will be on thorough diagnosis, prevention and follow-up care, with the necessary procedures being carried out in the tried and tested manner in Bern.

What Swiss1Chirurgie now also does in Valais

Swiss1Chirurgie is known for its broad yet specialised range of specialist services. In general surgery, the focus here is on inguinal hernias, abdominal wall hernias, gallstones and diverticulitis. Equally extensive are the services relating to tumours of the small and large intestine, in thyroid surgery and in proctology. The services in general surgery are supplemented by so-called minor surgery, for example in the treatment of skin lesions.

Typical services provided by Swiss1Chirurgie in the field of visceral surgery are no less interesting. Reflux operations, diaphragmatic hernias, oesophageal and gastric tumours can then also be treated in Bern after diagnosis in Naters. Liver surgery and colon surgery including deep rectal tumours expand the range of services, as does the broad field of obesity surgery.

This means that Swiss1Chirurgie has long since established itself in specialist circles as a reliable and professional partner and now also provides comprehensive care and advice for patients in Naters for the entire Valais. Of course, we are also fully available to advise referring doctors.

Swiss1Chirurgie app summarises all services and offers a plus in information

We have compiled all the services of Swiss1Chirurgie, lots of comprehensive information and, of course, all the contact options in a convenient app. Here there is even the possibility of individualised information for both patients and referring physicians. In this way, we are responding to people’s desire to also have expert knowledge available everywhere and are giving referring physicians in Valais the opportunity to provide the best treatment for their patients in each case.

For Valais, the Swiss1Chirurgie site in Naters means an even broader range of specialised services. As already noted, in Naters we focus in particular on the prevention, diagnosis and follow-up of diseases in the respective areas and are happy to refer to our location in Bern for surgical interventions.

For questions and further information, please use our Swiss1Chirurgie app or contact us directly.