When medical services in Switzerland are awarded the “Leading Medicine Guide”, then professional colleagues and patients can be sure that this is a truly high-quality range of services.

The “Leading Medicine Guide 2019” was awarded to swiss1chirurgie under the leadership of Dr Zehetner. With its speciality in obesity surgery, abdominal hernias and reflux diseases, the group practice has dedicated itself to a discipline that is a true heartfelt concern for many Swiss people. Dr. Zehetner’s clinic has long since scored points not only with its specialised range of services, but above all with the professionalism of the specialist medical services with which Dr. Zehetner surprises not only the patients, but also the specialist colleagues.

After a long day of surgery in the clinic, Dr. med. Jörg Zehetner was able to accept the coveted prize on 30.06.2019. Justified pride is mixed with a healthy dose of self-confidence and the certainty that swiss1chirurgie will continue to provide services that are entirely dedicated to the well-being of patients. In addition to his work in the operating theatre, Dr Zehetner also addresses the concerns and needs of his patients in a large number of lectures and individual consultations.

For Dr. Zehetner, the focus is not on personal gain from his professional work, but rather on patient satisfaction. After all, problems with obesity, abdominal hernias and reflux diseases are no longer individual diseases, but have long been medical problem areas of our affluent society, in which obesity, for example, is no longer an isolated phenomenon due to a constantly available supply of food.

Beyond his work as a surgeon, Dr. Zehetner therefore also devotes himself to educating people about healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyles, which might cut off the great demand for surgical interventions, but are more than close to his ethical responsibility as a medical doctor. This means that the “Leading Medicine Guide 2019” award is certainly more than just deserved.

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