With the clinic of Dr. Markus Naef in Thun, Swiss1Chirurgie puts its range of services on an even broader footing and ensures professional care for patients in this region as well. With Dr. Naef, we were able to gain an integral partner who has been working successfully in bariatric surgery in the Thun region since 1998 and is extremely familiar with all modern techniques in obesity surgery. Read the article to find out what this means for patients in Thun and the surrounding area and how we are thus further implementing our 360° claim.

New partner practice in Thun cooperates with Swiss1Chirurgie

As is well known, the squaring of the circle consists of exactly four quarters. And a circle has an angular measure of 360°. With the integration of the clinic Dr. Naef in Thun, we are integrating a fourth partner into Swiss1Chirurgie and at the same time underlining our 360° approach in the interest of our patients.

We are successfully expanding patient care

In addition to our previous Swiss1Chirurgie practices in Solothurn, Bern and Naters in the Valais, we have now been able to gain Dr. Markus Naef with his clinic for general surgery/visceral surgery as an integral part of Swiss1Chirurgie. With its focus on bariatric surgery, Dr. Naef’s clinic completes our service portfolio at another location. The beneficiaries of this cooperation, which is very gratifying for us, are above all the patients, who can now enjoy even better care, especially in the field of obesity surgery. This is a step that can help to meet the constantly growing demand for obesity surgery, including detailed consultation, pre-surgery care and aftercare, especially in such complex and consultation-intensive fields as obesity surgery.

Who is Dr. Markus Naef

Dr. Markus Naef

Dr. Markus Naef is a true Thun native. His connection to his home region provides him with an excellent network in the Oberland and has long made him a sought-after specialist in visceral surgery and obesity surgery. Dr. Naef opened his clinic in Thun in 1998. Since then, he has enjoyed a high level of acceptance among patients from Thun and the surrounding area. As past president of the SMOB (Swiss Society for the Study of Morbid Obesity and Metabolic Disorders), Dr. Naef has not only established an exceptionally good reputation among his peers, but has also played a decisive role in shaping treatment guidelines.

His wide range of experience includes techniques commonly used in bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass, tubular stomach, gastric banding, vertical gastroplasty, revision surgery and others. Thus, the clinic of Dr. Naef in Thun fits perfectly into the range of services of Swiss1Chirurgie and can be an excellent extension of the services of Swiss1Chirurgie in Thun at its location.

With the integration of a fourth site into Swiss1Chirurgie, we are rounding out our circle. With the now broad and specialized range of services in Thun, we continue to pursue our 360° claim,with which we want to reach, advise, treat and care for our patients preferably where they live. For patients in the Thun region, this means that they can now also take advantage of the excellent services of Swiss1Chirurgie in association with other specialist centers in Thun with the clinic of Dr. Naef.

Swiss1Chirurgie – Frutigenstrasse 16, 3600 Thun, on the 2nd floor (elevator, wheelchair accessible)

The clinic is located in the Denner building opposite Thun train station (less than 5 minutes walk) at Frutigenstrasse 16, 3600 Thun, on the 2nd floor (elevator, wheelchair accessible).