The GP Bern has been one of the world’s best-known popular races with international appeal since 1982. The Old Town Run and the Grand Prix Bern are among the ten most beautiful courses in the world and are also visited time and again by international running celebrities.

We want to take part in the run together with employees and patients of the ZfbC and Swiss1Chirurgie as a team on 09 May 2020. The registration period is running. You can find out more about the Grand Prix Bern with Swiss1Chirurgie and ZfbC as well as the possibilities for team participation in the detailed article (LINK).

We look forward to your registration and to a wonderful day in May!


Jörg Zehetner

With Swiss1Chirurgie and the ZfbC to the Grand Prix in Bern

The Grand Prix Bern has been an integral part of Switzerland’s running calendar since 1982. International runners have also long since discovered the challenging 10-mile race for themselves and names such as three-time Olympic champion Kenenisa Bekele from Ethiopia, world champion Martina Strähl from Switzerland or Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia) grace the start lists of the Bern Grand Prix alongside national and international athletics celebrities.

The Grand Prix Bern is not only a gathering of the world’s best runners, but also a meeting place for ambitious amateur athletes from all walks of life. Whoever tackles the easy to challenging run on the road between 4.8 and 16.01 kilometres knows they are in the company of the great athletes of our time. More important than that, however, is the certainty that taking part in the Old Town Run (4.8 kilometres) or the Grand Prix (16.01 kilometres) is a challenge for body and psyche and always a good contribution to maintaining and improving health and fitness.

Swiss1Chirurgie and ZfbC invite you to the run

In 2019, Swiss1Chirurgie and the Centre for Bariatric Surgery (ZfbC) have again participated as a team in the GP Bern. And that should be the case again in 2020. Both employees of Swiss1Chirurgie and the ZfbC as well as patients with the appropriate will and physical conditions can participate as team players in the Old Town Run or the Grand Prix.

The doctors and therapists from Swiss1Chirurgie and ZfbC are particularly committed to the patients in advance. Thus, former and current patients can get individual advice from the specialists and also receive sport and health advice in preparation for the GP Bern. After all, the point of participation is not to achieve best values, but to aim for very personal goals, taking into account individual conditions. Ultimately, participation in the Old Town Run or the Grand Prix should be a contribution to the health and fitness of the participants. This is the deeper meaning of such a popular race, as Prof. Dr. Jörg Zehetner also knows from his own experience of participating in many long-distance races.

Application deadline runs

As “Team swiss1chirurgie &zfbc” we want to compete together with staff and patients in the Old Town Run and Grand Prix in Bern on 09 May 2020. Staff and patients can now sign up to participate in the registration list. The deadline for registration is 29 March 2020. The lists of participants are available in our clinics. Participants can also register online via the Swiss1Chirurgie app.

Participation is free of charge for the first 20 registered participants. All registered participants will receive a team shirt for the run on 09 May 2020 in Bern. We are already looking forward to a lively interest. Because last but not least, taking part in the Altstadtlauf or the Grand Prix Bern is a good contribution to keeping healthy and is even more fun as a team.

Even more information about the GP Bern and participation is available at and of course on the Swiss1ChirurgieVictoryAPP (LINK).