The good intentions for the new year

… and how you can hold them

The new year is now a few days old and for many people everyday life has already returned. Yet 2020 began with many good intentions. Less kilos, more sport and active exercise are the most frequently mentioned good intentions for the new year, along with giving up cigarettes and spending more time with the family.

It is becoming clear that more and more people are taking a more conscious look at their own health and are focusing their plans on fitness, resilience and having more fun with active exercise. Especially when overweight, digestive complaints, stomach problems or reflux are daily companions in life, active exercise or regular sport is the way out of the vicious circle for many Swiss people.

We at Swiss1Chirurgie know that especially in cases of morbid obesity, sporting activity is often difficult to implement and ambition quickly wanes if the pounds do not fall off so clearly and quickly. One quickly falls back into old habits or tries to find other excuses for the supposed failure. In many such cases, bariatric surgery may be the best long-term solution. And even after such an operation, physical activity is one of the most important rules if the excess weight is to be permanently reduced and a healthier lifestyle maintained.

Snowshoeing is a clear recommendation

Especially in the cold season, the choice for recreational sports is somewhat limited. Cycling, classic hiking, jogging or water sports are often ruled out due to the weather. For some, the only option seems to be to go to the gym or the swimming pool. But many overweight people also fail to do this, mainly for psychological reasons. The shame of showing one’s own body openly, the fear of hidden smiles up to open hostility and certainly also fears of failure make the way into the dumbbell gyms and swimming pools even more difficult. Classic winter sports such as cross-country skiing, skiing, snowboarding or ice skating are also rarely possible.

The good variant of relaxed but active hiking in winter is snowshoeing. Even the old mountain farmers at high altitudes in Switzerland used snowshoes to get around in winter when the snow was heavy. Today, that is actually no longer necessary. But snowshoeing has become a popular leisure activity in winter, which is definitely a good choice of means for overweight people and also reflux patients.

The somewhat more difficult running requires, in addition to a certain degree of discipline, above all endurance and attention to one’s own body. Since snowshoeing is also only possible outdoors, it also contributes to a better supply of fresh air for the organism. Another nice thing about snowshoeing is that it can be done alone or in a group. In addition, there are specially prepared and signposted routes for snowshoe hiking, especially in the winter sports regions of Switzerland. Perfect for all those for whom skiing and tobogganing are rather unsuitable and who nevertheless do not want to do without sporting activity even in snowy winters.

We have the right equipment

For those who are now more intensively interested in snowshoeing, we offer an excellent possibility to get the sports equipment for snowshoeing quickly, easily and without additional costs. Together with Suzuki Switzerland, Swiss1Chirurgie is giving away a total of 50 snowshoe sets, each with a pair of snowshoes and matching poles.

However, you have to be quick here. Because only the first 50 entrants can enjoy new snowshoes for free and then start their snowshoeing experience with Suzuki snowshoes.

Click here to go to the competition

But also for everyone else, snowshoeing is a clear recommendation for more activity in winter. This applies to normal weight people as well as to overweight people or those with certain complaints.

Of course, we will be happy to advise you in the Swiss1Chirurgie clinics in Brig, Solothurn and Bern about your very individual options for an active life. This way, you may be able to keep your good resolutions for 2020 a little better and achieve the first results soon. Maybe even with a snowshoe set from Swiss1Chirurgie and Suzuki Switzerland. Have fun and above all wish you a healthy new year Jörg Zehetner and the entire Swiss1Chirurgie team.

Knowing what’s what – The Swiss1Chirurgie podcasts enlighten you

The need for information on medical issues is growing. Especially those affected who face medical questions and problems also look for answers to their individual questions on the internet. Unfortunately, the online information from the search engine results of Google and Co. is not always accurate and in many cases not sufficiently well-founded. As a result, many people move in a grey area between self-diagnosis with not always reliable information and the need for a profound and, above all, factually correct diagnosis by the respective medical specialists.

The experts at Swiss1Chirurgie have long recognised the need for comprehensive and, above all, professional information and offer comprehensive information options on specialist medical questions in the respective service areas on the websites of Swiss1Chirurgie, the Centre for Bariatric Surgery ZFBC, the Gastroenterology Group Practice GGP Bern and the Bern Clinic PZBE.

Latest post:

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Swiss1Chirurgie Podcasts – Listening instead of reading

The podcasts, which are offered on the initiative and under the content supervision of Dr. Jörg Zehetner, are a relatively new information service for the medical layperson but also for specialist colleagues.

This means that there is also a professional information service for those affected, who can get an initial overview of diagnoses, medical interventions, surgical techniques and aftercare as well as accompanying services.

Podcasts on the following topics are currently available:

  • Medical knowledge – Obesity (Complex bariatric surgery)
  • Medical expertise and expert advice on Radio Bern1
  • Swiss1Chirurgie informs patients and endocrinologists (overweight surgery possible from BMI 30 with diabetes)
  • Gastric balloon only a “crutch” for overweight patients
  • Inguinal hernias and modern 3-D net care
  • Abdominal wall hernias, closure with net insertion

Further podcasts are in the works and are constantly expanding the range of information for patients but also for referring doctors.

With the podcasts, Swiss1Chirurgie, as an obesity expert centre and hernia centre, has created an extended information option that makes knowledge available and at the same time provides the appropriate recommendations.

It is important to note that those affected by a surgical problem can also contact the Swiss1Chirurgie clinics in Bern, Brig and Solothurn directly at any time. In this way, well-founded diagnoses can be made for individual “suspicious cases”, which enable professional further treatment.

You can find the Swiss1Chirurgie podcasts directly at but also at

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • amazon music and
  • Podimo

or click on the link:


Those in need of information about the services offered by Swiss1Chirurgie are invited to make use of the free Swiss1Chirurgie podcast offer. Knowing what is is always better than guessing what could be.