With the new clinic in Brig, Swiss1Chirurgie, under the leadership of Professor Dr. Jörg Zehetner, has now also found a location in the Upper Valais. With the specialisation in obesity surgery, the treatment of abdominal hernias and reflux diseases, the population in the region is thus provided with a medical service that is probably unique in Valais in this specialisation.

(from left) Dr. med. Urs Summermatter, Professor Dr. Jörg Zehetner

Until now, Professor Dr. Zehetner’s specialist medical services were related to the catchment areas of Bern and, more recently, Solothurn. With the engagement in the medical centre Praxis Dr. Summermatter in Bahnhofstrasse 1 in Brig, the specialised surgeon now also provides his professional services directly in the Valais. This seems to be quite necessary, as the provision of such specialised services was rather meagre to non-existent.

The work in the new medical centre is supported by the specialist colleague Alejandro Metzger, MD, who also specialises in obesity and abdominal surgery. In this way, a professional service can be established in Valais under the banner of Swiss1Chirurgie. It is also interesting to note that a specialist in cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery has set up shop directly in the medical centre. This can be a complementary component in many cases of obesity surgery, ensuring the restoration of the patient’s complete health and aesthetic well-being. It also makes sense that Dr. Summermatter’s clinic also offers special nutritional counselling services. This closes a circle of medical competencies that are evidenced above all by Professor Dr Zehetner and his colleague Dr Metzger.

(from left) Alejandro Metzger, MD, Professor Jörg Zehetner, MD, and David Kiermeir, MD.

The fact that the services offered by the specialists for bariatric surgery meet with a high level of acceptance, especially here in the Upper Valais, was already evident at the opening of the clinic with an open day. For a whole eight hours, Professor Dr Zehetner and Dr Metzger answered the questions of the interested visitors and the invited expert colleagues. This proves that there is definitely a great demand here for the specialised services of obesity surgery and the treatment of reflux diseases, which can now be satisfied in the new treatment rooms of Swiss1Chirurgie.

Alejandro Metzger, MD, and Professor Dr Jörg Zehetner in conversation