At the latest since her furious performance in the qualification round of DSDS, Sina Gossweiler is a well-known young woman in Switzerland but also in Germany. In the process, the charming Swiss fought her way into the final round. And it was not the only struggle Sina Gossweiler had to face in her still quite young life.

Her biggest battle of recent times was probably against the chronic overweight that had caught up with her at the latest after a serious accident. After a long period of immobility due to an accident, her weight had risen to 130 kilograms and she had to repeatedly face stares and open hostility in everyday life. Yet she had wanted everything else, except to be morbidly overweight.

A first appointment at the Centre for Bariatric Surgery in Bern with Dr Jörg Zehetner opened the way to a better, truly easier future. After extensive preliminary discussions and examinations, it was clear to both Sina Gossweiler and Dr Zehetner that a gastric bypass operation with minimally invasive surgical techniques and adequate follow-up care would be the best solution for the young woman with a strong voice and an interest in sports.

Sina was operated on by Dr Zehetner at the Hirslanden Clinics in an operation lasting just under 1 1/2 hours. In harmony with the successful intervention and the subsequent change in lifestyle and dietary habits, the pounds fell off, so that today a weight loss of around 50 kilograms can be recorded.

In the course of her new joy in life, Sina Gossweiler has found a way, besides music, that makes her life more beautiful, healthier and ultimately more satisfying. She discovered her love for running and was even able to successfully participate in a 16km race. Without the will to succeed, without the professional help and the surgical intervention by Dr. Zehetner, none of this would have been possible. And in addition, of course, there is the consistent orientation towards a new way of life, which ensures the success of the medical intervention.

In the audience talk “My way to running”, Sina Gossweiler tells about the difficult path from stigmatised overweight patient to enthusiastic running athlete. And of course about what DSDS and the Centre for Bariatric Surgery in Bern have to do with it.

After the lecture, the audience will have the opportunity to ask Sina Gossweiler and Dr Jörg Zehetner questions about the operation, the prerequisites, life afterwards and sport and nutrition.

We are looking forward to a lively interest in a lecture that should be a good occasion for information not only for chronically overweight people.


Date: 17 October 2019

Location: Centre for Bariatric Surgery ZFBC

Centre for Bariatric Surgery
Seilerstrasse 8
3011 Bern

Time: 19:00 until 20:00


Door opening: 6:45 p.m., admission free of charge, prior registration is requested for capacity planning purposes