The new BMI calculator from the Centre for Bariatric Surgery (ZfbC) and swiss1chirurgie combines a high level of convenience with the best tips for any treatment needs.

If you want to know your weight, you stand on the scales. But if you want to know a little more about your physical condition, you can now use the new BMI calculator from the ZfbC/swiss1chirurgie. Without long calculations, the digital BMI calculator determines the body mass index quickly, reliably and with only a few entries, which provides important information about whether the body weight is a health risk.

Just by stating the current weight, height and age, conclusions can be drawn as to whether the values are within the norm or above it. These personal details can be supplemented by the desired weight, details of physical activity and any efforts to achieve weight loss.

The more information is provided, the more concrete the calculations and also the statements on whether there is an urgent need for action and how and under what time frame the weight can be positively influenced under the given conditions.

The new BMI calculator of the Centre for Bariatric Surgery Bern is available on the website of the ZfbC   and swiss1chirurgie as well as in the newly developed app and can be used immediately. In this way, health-conscious people can in fact check their current status at any time and from anywhere, even with their smartphone, and make decisions to optimise their body weight in terms of health. The link between the BMI calculator and the medical tips for the prevention and treatment of morbid overweight (obesity) is extremely interesting. Causes, correlations and effects are presented here just as comprehensibly as the treatment approaches of the ZfbC.

The BMI calculator of the ZfbC/swiss1chirurgie has the potential to cause a sensation not only in Switzerland but also internationally. The new BMI calculator will therefore also be presented by Prof. Dr. Jörg Zehetner at a congress to be held soon in the USA, CHINA, MIDDLE EAST, EUROPE and ASIA. There, the digital BMI calculator will be able to show directly what it can really do. The interest of the experts is just as great as the need of the population. After all, the USA is one of the countries in the world where morbid obesity is one of the main causes of secondary diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders and diseases, heart attacks and strokes due to obesity. This also includes the psychological and social impairments that are often associated with being significantly overweight.

With the convenient BMI calculator of the ZfbC, the way to an easy digital calculation of the Body Mass Index is opened for medical laymen as well as for medical specialists. Although BMI alone is not a definitive measure of treatment options, it is an important indicator of whether treatment is needed and under what circumstances the best treatment outcomes can be achieved.

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