When Martin Andermatt talks about his experiences with liver fasting, the football legend and FC Schaffhausen coach is mainly talking about experiences with himself. The core of his presentations is that something only changes if you change yourself. This is just as true in active sports as it is in maintaining the health of one’s own body. The well-known Swiss also shares this experience at the 4th Helvetius Holding AG symposium at the Talent Campus Bodensee in Kreuzlingen. Read the report here and find out where you can watch the live stream.

A field report on liver fasting with HEPAFAST® by Martin Andermatt

Dr. med. Jörg Zehetner, Professor (USC), and Dr. med. Hardy Walle spoke on the topic of liver health and fatty liver at the 4th specialist conference of Helvetius Holding AG at the Talent Campus Bodensee Kreuzlingen. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the lecture by Dr. Hardy Walle, MD, who not only used the latest scientific approaches to shed light on non-alcoholic fatty liver from a somewhat different perspective, but was also able to present an effective concept for liver fasting in the form of HEPAFAST®.

In the following, football legend Martin Andermatt reported on his own experiences of liver fasting with HEPAFAST®. As a successful professional footballer and now coach of FC Schaffhausen, Martin Andermatt knows very well how important stable health is and what effects a healthy liver has on the entire organism.

As a football coach, Martin Andermatt likes to talk about his own practical experiences. With his own experience, Martin Andermatt was the first Swiss coach of a German Bundesliga team and also knows the German league business from the perspective of a supervisory board member at the Hannover 96 club.

In line with his own sporting career, also as an active player, Martin Andermatt has always been interested in how a good, balanced and healthy diet can be designed. As he got older, the question of how to continue in life after active football also came into focus. The main interest was in the physical and psychological effects of no longer exercising so intensively and practically losing a previously accustomed amount of exercise.

As a coach, Martin Andermatt also sees his responsibility in conveying information to adolescent and also adult players that is also correct and underpinned. Conjecture, hearsay and supposed knowledge are not really strong arguments. That is why Martin Andermatt knows very well that only one’s own experience is a good basis for passing on knowledge. He also sees this fundamental approach as important when he gives his very own experience report on liver fasting with HEPAFAST® at the 4th Helvetius Holding AG symposium.

Even though Martin Andermatt, as a non-medical doctor, does not know the formulas for liver health, he was able to follow every step in the lectures by Dr. med. Jörg Zehetner, Professor(USC), and Dr. med. Hardy Walle, founder of BODYMED and co-developer of liver fasting with HEPAFAST®. Especially from his own experience.

Personal experience is what really counts

Martin Andermatt also knows from his experience with liver fasting that this is not simply a matter of doing things quickly for a short time. It is always important to look at the development. Martin Andermatt sees this in his sporting commitment as well as in his personal attitude to health. However, even here beautiful and melodious words are always worth less than one’s own experience. And this is exactly how Martin Andermatt reports on his own experience with liver fasting with HEPAFAST®.

His first observation is about the dream world. For example, he reports that he dreamed much more intensely than usual during the periods of liver fasting. In addition, he felt extremely vital and efficient in every phase of the liver fast.

With now already 60 years of life experience, Martin Andermatt still feels very well today and knows that he has already tried a lot of things regarding health maintenance. Be it juice cures or various diet programmes. Martin Andermatt knows what he is talking about when he passes on information to his athletes.

Especially with regard to older people, nutrition is very important. Too little exercise, a lack of good proteins and the loss of muscle mass all impact on health. Overall, the quality of life can suffer a lot, which is an important issue for Martin Andermatt. After all, quality of life is an important issue for all people. Especially when they get older. Then you also need a good measure of discipline if you want to stay physically and mentally fit over a long period of time.

Just thinking that maybe you should lose some weight is not enough to really achieve that. Only then, when one becomes active in the process, will success be achieved. So it’s about real action, which is always crucial for change.

A first step for Martin Andermatt in his encounter with liver fasting was to pick up the HEPAFAST® preparation himself in Bern and not simply have it sent to him. In the Swiss1Chirurgie clinic, he had his measurements taken, so to speak. What really counts are actual and current values. Martin Andermatt already knows this from his sporting career.

Motivation counts

As in many other areas, the right motivation is the best starting point for good results in liver fasting. If one’s own motivation can then be supported in a discussion with a medical specialist, this is a good prerequisite for active action.

What counts then is the real doing. Not tomorrow or perhaps the day after tomorrow, but ideally right away, one should start with what one has recognised as good and right for oneself.

From Martin Andermatt’s point of view, it is sometimes the small vanities that can be an impetus for liver fasting. Who doesn’t want to please their partner even at an older age? Who doesn’t want to be active and fit even as they get older? You also want to be a role model for the children and if you are a coach, it all has something to do with a positive aura on the people you are training. Only if you like yourself can you radiate that positively, says Martin Andermatt.

In addition, of course, there are the thoughts about one’s own health. Even if you have paid absolute attention to a healthy diet and lifestyle for many years, sometimes this changes as you gain experience in life. However, personal health always remains the most important asset. You have to decide what is good and what is right. Those who decide for themselves do not have to let others decide for them. And health should always be a very important factor in these decisions as well.

What advice should you give to active athletes at the end of their career?

In general, active athletes eat a diet very rich in carbohydrates, as they need this energy for their physical exertion. Often, at the end of their career, it can be observed that many athletes quickly gain weight and even tend to become obese. Then it is important to get back to normal life as well. A deeply human factor also plays an important role here. As an athlete, you are suddenly no longer in demand. This can quickly lead to letting oneself go. In every respect. It is then all the more important to recognise one’s own human value. You have to see what you still want to achieve in life and what you can accomplish and with what charisma you want to meet your fellow human beings. The short-lived lucky charms like good food, Coke or a bag of crisps are then not really what you need. The short happiness is a fallacy that in the end only makes people dissatisfied and unhappy.

The recommendation for active athletes at the end of their career

In any case, those who are at the end of their career have to train off slowly. It is not the end from one day to the next that counts, but the gradual change to a normal status. Just as you then gradually say goodbye to high athletic performance, you naturally also have to change your diet. The mental load also changes, which must also be considered.

Martin Andermatt is convinced that what counts now are good conversations, even beyond one’s own horizon of experience. Good medical supervision can be useful. This is not about fear of any diagnosis, but about developing visions for one’s own future. At the same time, it is also important for Martin Andermatt to simply live in a more relaxed and happy way.

As a coach, he follows a very clear philosophy, which he likes to sum up in three words: Laugh, learn, sweat. When he passes this on to his players, Martin Andermatt himself also likes to think about whether he has already laughed, learned and maybe even sweated today. The most beautiful thing is when you can give the players something beyond pure sport that is still of value for life after active sport.

Your own experiences with liver fasting

From his own experience, Martin Andermatt can only associate liver fasting with pleasant perceptions. This includes above all the real feeling of well-being and the new energy he felt for himself.

Especially in times when one wants to recognise oneself anew, liver fasting is an additionally exciting experience. Martin Andermatt has already completed a liver fasting cure with HEPAFAST® three times and is sure that he will do it again and again. If only because of all the positive energy it has given him. He is also happy to recommend liver fasting to others. He stands behind it with all his personality and experience.

Of course, it can be difficult for individuals to face their issues. People often prefer to make fun of themselves instead of tackling important changes. Certainly also because change can be uncomfortable. But those who listen to themselves know that only change brings change. And that is exactly what applies to liver fasting.

The question is not why you fell into the water, but how you get out of it. It’s about making decisions and then following through with them consistently. And if you need support to do that, you have to get that support.