Liver and gall duct surgery

Specialism during training in Berlin with over 100 liver transplants (no longer in spectrum) and even more partial liver resections.

Liver surgery

  • Currently around 20 surgeries per year
  • Partial resections with laparoscopic access
  • Increasing use of laparoscopic access

Gall duct surgery

Standard gall bladder removal is of course also part of my everyday routine.

Possibilities in liver surgery

liver surgery

Please note: affected patients should be aware that the decision as to whether a liver tumour can / is to be operated on is made by an experienced liver surgeon!
A liver surgeon does not make a decision based on what can be removed from the liver, but rather on what can / has to be left behind. If anyone reading this website is affected and is unsure, please send us a CD containing any available medical records for us to examine.

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