Colon Surgery

Primarily laparoscopic interventions

In addition to bariatric surgery (i.e. stomach surgery), liver and thyroid surgery, I also specialise in colon surgery after many years of international experience following excellent training under Prof. W Hohenberger in Erlangen, Germany. The surgical principles I learned, particularly with regard to surgical oncology, constituted the basis for my laparoscopic surgeries. In terms of figures, it is now the second most common major visceral surgery in my spectrum. Over 90% of surgeries are of the minimally invasive type (keyhole surgery), both for oncology surgery as well as for diverticulitis.

The complication rates are very low and the care taken over oncological surgeries is plain to see as a result of the almost non-existent local recurrence rates (even with rectal cancer). Thanks to the large number of patients we treat, the anaesthesiologists and surgery staff are very well trained and have long since optimised all relevant processes. We operate quickly and efficiently, which translates into less stress for the patient, with hospital stays generally lasting less than one week.

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