With the obesity podcast, you can find the latest and essential information on obesity, its origins, development, consequences and treatment options at adipositas-podcast.ch. Here, real experts talk about the causes and development of morbid obesity, which, with its manifestations such as overweight, cardiovascular diseases, shortness of breath, organ diseases, diabetes, limited mobility and performance as well as social stigmatisation, severely restricts the lives of those affected. On adipositas-podcast.ch we always want to inform you professionally and comprehensively and at the same time show you ways to break the vicious circle of obesity.

One can accept obesity as a seemingly inevitable fate and surrender defencelessly to the dire consequences. But in the same way, obesity can also be understood in its development and ways can be found to return to a self-determined, happy and desirable life. What is your path?

Listen to experts from Swiss1Chirurgie, the Centre for Bariatric Surgery or the Gastroenterological Group Practice Bern and learn what obesity is, what it means for an individual’s life and which paths lead out of the disease. In this way, you will gain valuable knowledge that can significantly accompany your own path out of obesity. Testimonials from patients and sufferers and the knowledge of obesity experts will help you find your own way out of the fatal obesity career and lead a healthier and happier life.

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